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Skinage Beauty takes care in ensuring that our stocks are of top quality and in good condition.

All our skin care products are guaranteed authentic with at least one year from expiry.

Customers may return/exchange the items within 14 days in the following cases:

  • Received a defective or expired product
  • Received a different product from what you ordered

Terms for returns and exchanges:

  • Product must be unopened in original box
  • Exchange of defective/incorrect product will be delivered at our cost
  • Return/exchange not accepted other than the cases stated above


Question: I used a product that I purchased and it resulted in an allergic reaction. Can I return the product and receive a refund?

Answer: We deeply regret that you had an allergic reaction from using one of the products purchased from us. Different individuals may be different results using the same product. One of the factors impacting this is the skin condition. Skinage Beauty is not liable for your skin condition after using the products and therefore, a return or refund will NOT be accepted.

Question: I have already used the product. I now discover that it is not what I wanted. Can I return it?

Answer: We do not accept returns once the product has been opened and removed from its original packaging.

Question: The product’s manufacturing / expiry date is older than expected. Can I exchange it?

Answer: All cosmetic products have a shelf life of 3 years from the manufacturing date, and are not considered unusable till past the expiry date. We do not accept exchanges for such cases.

Question: The product that I received is damaged. Can I exchange it?

Answer: You can exchange the product if the product is already damaged when delivered to you. We will bear the delivery cost and replace it with a new product. In the event that the damaged item is no longer available, we will advise you to replace with another product.

Question: I have removed the products from the original packaging but I’ve never used it. Can I return it?

Answer: We will only accept an exchange request if the products are still in their original packaging.